Saturday, February 10, 2007

Buddy Guy plans return to studio this summer

Buddy Guy is planning to return to the studio in a few months to record a follow-up to his 2005 Silverstone album, "Bring 'Em In," according to

"I want to go in the studio now and be more creative than I have been," Guy tells "I'm asking my record company now, just give me a shot like (Jimi) Hendrix and Eric (Clapton) and stop having too many people trying to teach me in the studio. You don't see a boxer learn how to box when he gets in the ring, so I just really want to go into the studio and have a chance at four or five of my own songs with nobody saying a damn thing to me, except for me and my guitar."

The 70-year-old Guy, who doesn't have a label at this point, said he plans to wait until at least May to record because the cold weather doesn't help his singing. ""I've never had the greatest voice and this kind of weather don't help it. So my recording, we'll probably start putting something together about May, June, July and August when the temperature don't fool with you," Guy said.

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