Saturday, February 11, 2006

Buddy Guy: The Kingpin

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Feb. 23) features an extensive feature on Buddy Guy called "The Kingpin." The article about the legendary Chicago blues guitarist brings readers up-to-date on the latest from Buddy, as well as a nice recap of his career.

Rich Cohen writes: "Though Buddy is nearing seventy, he spends more than half the year on the road. It's as if he's more comfortable on the road, as if moving is the only way he can stand still. On the road, the world is only road, a collection of rides and flights, the cities speeding past, faces going by, bubble wrap that you tear away to get to that pearl of a moment where you play. At home he is less at home, out of place in his suburban house south of the South Side. You sense his days here are precious and rare, like the life of a boxer between rounds. He sleeps late, drives fast, entertains, hangs out at Legends, spends afternoons in his garden, trying to grow vegetables that taste like the ones he used to eat in Louisiana as a boy."

Rolling Stone article on Buddy Guy

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